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AMA is a conceptual   brand created by Ada Sokol and Etienne



In the tradition of the Japanese Ama-san pearl divers, the

collection takes inspiration from these precious corals and

Barocco pearls. The lines of each piece evoke a deep-sea

narrative of pearls evolved into oblong shapes through tides. In

the same motion, the work is actively reforming tradition into

stretched-out innovation with the use of digital materials.

Formally, the AMA campaign is rooted in contemporary branding of jewellery. Dusk-lit still lifes are manipulated to a hyperbole of reference/product cohesion: a computer-age syntropy. The the fiction of brand narrative is represented in AMA by its realizing of the new potentials opened by 3d design software for the future of innovation, where gaps between abstraction and realism need not give in to a wearer, but simply to a viewer.

  • Year 2016
  • Art-direction Ada Sokol & Etienne Garachon
  • Jewelry Designs Eteinne Garachon
  • 3D models& visuals Ada Sokol
  • Featured in, Novembre Magazine Digital, LS:N global,