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Entercourse Of The New Age

Artwork made in collaboration with the great photographer - Maxime Guyon for the Entercourse Of The New Age project.


The image, created through the symbiosis of 3D software and photography, is inspired by Blake Baxter’s Sexuality Ep. The fluidity of the elements in this work reflects modern sexuality in the age of technical and digital revolution. The composition of this image has roots in commercial imagery.

Entercourse Of The New Age is a Fine-Art poster editor and an online sale platform. It is a collaboration with contemporary artists, illustrators, graphic designers and photographers to imagine and create visuals inspired for vinyl records that were without cover artworks at the time they were pressed. This project pays tribute to American electronic music (mostly from Chicago, New York and Detroit) produced between 1984 and 1999.

  • Year 2017
  • Art-direction Ada Sokol & Maxime Guyon
  • 3D visual Ada Sokol
  • Photography Maxime Guyon
  • Commissioned by  Entercourse Of The New Age
  • Exhibitions Out Of Sight in Geneva, 2018 & Entercourse Of The New Age in Paris, 2017
  • Publications It's Nice That,