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Gentle Monster – Data Addicts

For |THE DATA ADDICTS|, Gentle Monster collaborated with Ada Sokol to create a unique animation video using 3d technology for a popup store installation at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

|THE DATA ADDICTS| tells the story of people becoming overprotective of themselves and obsessed with little information to survive in an excruciatingly harsh environment.


The only source of information is a few large, high-tech antennas that provide signals which they must analyze and use for their survival.

However, the only real antenna on Earth that can deliver information is in fact broken and abandoned somewhere people cannot see. All the information they’ve relied on is a lie.


This is also a metaphor for modern people who are obsessed and overwhelmed by the invalid information they receive daily.

  • Year 2018
  • Art-direction Gentle Monster & Ada Sokol
  • 3D animation Ada Sokol
  • Client Gentle Monster & Marina Bay Sands Hotel
  • Installation Gentle Monster in Marina Bay Sands