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NENDO digital

Nendo Digital is a speculative beauty tech project by artists Ada Sokol and Beata Wilczek. Their concept and visuals are inspired by the work of Isamu Noguchi and Jean Arp.


Nendo Digital and its products are entirely fictional. Through this project, Sokol and Wilczek are feeling out a not-too-distant future—a plausible beauty tech industry, one that anticipates anxieties and insecurities that might develop from an increasingly technologically augmented embodiment.


Beauty products and their campaigns can often feature language and imagery that is abstract, even intangible, which gives the consumer a sense of wonder, perhaps inferiority or lack, which can be supplanted by a need for that product. Light shifts over the almost impossible reflective forms and the uncanny fluid mechanics of 3D forms, while the industrial soundtrack murmurs, pops and ripples. The artists’ beauty tech premonition sees us utterly seduced by our own dewy technoskepticism.

  • Year 2016
  • Art-direction Ada Sokol & Beata Wilczek
  • 3D visuals& models Ada Sokol
  • Music M.E.S.H.
  • Exhibitions "You really know where you are. For the first time in history." in Beijing, 2018 & "A Great Event is in the Making. But No one has Noticed" in Beijing 2017, "What is matter" in Beijing 2015
  • Featured In Novembre Magazine Digital